Webinar: The Key Role of the IT Business Relationship Manager


George Spalding

VP & Executive Consultant,
Pink Elephant

There is no doubt that the key role of the IT Business Relationship Manager (BRM) is becoming increasingly vital as business units come to depend more on technology to drive business value.

The need to have a designated role to ensure strong communication between IT and other business units and departments has never been greater. But to be effective, BRMs must possess a deep understanding of an organization’s business processes, goals, and objectives. Acting as an intermediary between IT and other departments, a BRM plays a big part in reducing business and IT barriers. In this webinar, George will give a summary of the core principles of business relationship management and how to establish, build, and maintain the relationship between IT as a service provider and internal business stakeholders.

This overview is taken from content that is part of Pink’s certification course, IT Business Relationship Manager™ and is part of PDC’s designation scheme.

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