PinkATLAS™ + PinkATLAS Platinum

Training + Consulting In A Box

“…it has already proven to be invaluable in the short time we have had access. My only regret is that we didn’t make the purchase sooner. It’s rare that an IT offering lives up to the hype, but PinkATLAS has exceeded our expectations.”

– Current PinkATLAS Customer

What Is PinkATLAS?

PinkATLAS is an online resource center containing over 600 items designed to support and help you navigate your way through best practice improvement efforts including:

These items include:

And the best item of all: access to “Ask-The-Expert” where you can connect to one of Pink Elephant’s world renowned and highly sought after consultants.

Why PinkATLAS Platinum?

Start 2018 off on the right “course”! With PinkATLAS Platinum, you get 10 FREE seats on any Pink Elephant instructor-led virtual training course or self-paced course (almost $25,000 in value)! Choose from business, leadership and IT management courses, including: Agile, DevOps, Lean IT, Business Relationship Management, ITIL® and more!

Get 12 months of access to the PinkATLAS Resource Center, PLUS:

And much more!

PinkATLAS Platinum offers almost $70,000 in valuable resources including training and consulting at 36% of the regular fee!

Who Will Benefit From Using PinkATLAS?

PinkATLAS is a consultant in a box! PinkATLAS contains Pink Elephant’s highly valued IT management best practices, with direct access to Pink Elephant’s consultants. PinkATLAS enables organizations to implement and manage improvement projects efficiently and consistently.

More Great Things About PinkATLAS

How Does PinkATLAS Work?

Purchase a 12 month subscription and you immediately have access to all the resources in the database.

Review the easy-to-follow Implementation Guides and begin downloading and adapting the resources you need. Templates are in their original, editable formats, such as MS Word, MS PowerPoint, MS Excel and MS Project. Research papers and the Pink Elephant books are in PDF format. The video and audio files are in QuickTime format.

Providing PinkATLAS to your project team will allow them to implement improvement projects for business and IT projects efficiently, expeditiously and consistently based on both globally recognized and proven best practices.

Choose Between Two Dynamic PinkATLAS Options

As if access to the PinkATLAS resource center was not enough, you can add other valuable Pink Elephant resources through the “PinkATLAS Platinum” option.

PinkATLAS PinkATLAS Platinum

12 month access to the PinkATLAS Resource Center, includes:

  • 100s of downloadable documentation templates, presentations, papers, etc.
  • Access to the Pink Elephant Audio Visual Learning Center
  • Downloadable copies of Pink Elephant’s e-books
  • Online access to 5 ITIL books
  • Online “Ask-The-Expert” access to Pink Elephant’s Industry Experts for advice and support
  • Single user access

12 month access to the PinkATLAS Resource Center, includes all the features listed under PinkATLAS, PLUS:

  • 10 seats on any Pink Elephant Self-Paced training course or Virtual Open-Enrollment training course (Almost $25,000 in value)
  • 16 hours of virtual consulting from Pink Elephant’s team of industry expert consultants (A $7,500 value)
  • 2 additional user access licenses (A $2,000 value)
  • 12 month access to PinkSCAN™ to enable repeatable process maturity self-assessments in support of your continuing process improvement projects (A $12,500 value)
  • Downloadable copies of Pink Elephant’s e-books
  • Online access to 5 ITIL books
  • Online “Ask-The-Expert” access to Pink Elephant’s Industry Experts for advice and support

And much more!

Total value of almost $70,000 in resources!

Want a demo? Request a live demonstration of PinkATLAS. We are proud and happy to show you this invaluable tool, and answer your questions.

To purchase a 12 month subscription, click “Add To Cart”.

Name Cost
PinkATLAS – Platinum $27,995.00 CAD
PinkATLAS $10,995.00 CAD
Each Additional User $1,095.00 CAD

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