PinkBASELINE ITSM Process Capability Assessment

It’s not only about knowing where to start, it’s also about proving how far you have come!

While comprehensive and deep assessments have an important role to play in transformation projects, there are times when a lighter approach to establishing a baseline or as a follow up assessment is more appropriate.

The PinkBASELINE assessment provides a workshop-based fast track approach to conducting a consultant-led ITSM process assessment in six business days. The primary objective is to assess up to three processes against a set of capability criteria and critical success factors that ensure the process goals are achieved in a consistent and beneficial manner. Unlike a detailed process maturity assessment based on the CMMi maturity scale such as the Pink Elephant PinkSCAN™ service, PinkBASELINE is primarily focused on assessing the current state against key process elements critical to business value. The PinkBASELINE assessment approach is specifically relevant for a single site assessment with a narrow scope of processes, answering questions like:

A PinkBASELINE assessment will enable an organization to establish a gap and baseline assessment against best practices and rapidly identify a series of tangible improvement actions.

The PinkBASELINE assessment approach and timing follows five key milestones:

PinkBASELINE Deliverables:

Comprehensive Process Assessment (PinkSCAN)

PinkBASELINE Deliverables:

When Is a PinkBASELINE The Right Approach?

PinkBASELINE Characteristics:

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