Webinar: How to Become An Effective IT Business Leader


Charlie Miles

Principal IT Management Consultant,
Pink Elephant

To be an effective and successful IT leader, you must focus on managing an integrated IT business model.

What is that? Attend this revealing webinar and Charlie will explain! 

Charlie will highlight very specific key attributes of highly effective IT leaders, and he’ll provide an overview of the three IT business model domains that include governance, relationship, and value delivery that all IT leaders need to understand. As Charlie reviews each of the attributes, he’ll explain why each one is important, and he’ll also provide real-world examples based on his very deep pockets of both consulting and training experience that span over 30 years. Charlie is a highly skilled and experienced IT veteran who has helped a multitude of IT leaders implement major change, and his ITSM expertise has contributed to many IT organizations’ continuous improvement projects.

This overview is taken from content that is part of Pink’s certification course, IT Business Leader™, and is part of PDC’s designation scheme.

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