Webinar: STOP! Don’t Commit To A New ITSM Tool Until After This Webinar!


Charlie Miles

Principal IT Management Consultant,
Pink Elephant


George Spalding

VP & Executive Consultant,
Pink Elephant

During this very informative one-hour webinar, two of the industry’s leading ITSM tool experts (with a total IT experience of 80 years between them!) will highlight several important trends and updates in the area of ITSM tools. George and Charlie’s webinar agenda includes a review of the new IIBM (Integrated IT Business Management™) approach, and they will also highlight where tools fit in as an ‘enabler’. Tools are an essential part of successful ITSM; they began as simple logging tools and progressed through to today’s very sophisticated knowledge and escalation management applications.

It is hard not to acknowledge the accuracy of this statement. Many of the best practices we discuss as critical to IT service management rely on the ability of an IT service organization to describe its value proposition related to the products and services it provides to its customers.

George and Charlie will also address the following questions:

  • How do you evaluate your current toolset and compare it to other options?
  • PinkVERIFY is a FREE service to the ITSM practitioner community; how does it work? And, which tools/vendors are on the list as PinkVERIFY certified?
  • Will you get ITSM best practice processes “out-of-the-box” if you implement an ITSM-compatible tool?
  • If I’m a tool vendor, how do I get my product on the PinkVERIFY certified list? And, do the requirements change over time?
  • There’s a lot of talk of AI these days; is it all hype when it comes to ITSM applications?
  • Should you review and improve your processes first, then implement a new tool, or vice versa?
  • Typically, how much configuration will be needed?