Webinar: Value Stream Mapping Techniques for Optimal Workflow


Graham Furnis

IT Management Consultant,
Pink Elephant

Value stream mapping is a powerful tool for organizations aiming to streamline their processes, eliminate waste, and deliver more value to customers while building a culture of continuous improvement.

In this webinar, Graham will cover the different types of value stream mapping techniques, including current state mapping, future state mapping, and value stream design. You will learn how to use these techniques to identify waste, optimize processes, and improve flow across the IT value chain. Graham is a seasoned ITSM expert with over three decades of knowledge and experience specializing in business management, service management, and project management. Join Graham in this informative webinar and learn the tools and techniques needed to drive continuous improvement in your organization.

This overview is taken from content that is part of Pink Elephant’s new certification course, Value Stream Mapping, and is part of PDC’s designation scheme.