Webinar: Using the 20/20 Model For Effective Leadership and Successful Organizational Change


Robin Hysick

Senior IT Management Consultant,
Pink Elephant

Successful day-to-day leadership is about being an effective communicator, an inspirational and visible leader of people, and it is also about addressing the all-important (but often forgotten!) component of culture. These are all even more critical when leading organizational change.

If you are a manager at any level of your IT organization who is currently leading any aspect of a change (and today, it’s an ongoing occurrence!), understanding a formal change model is a must-know, not a nice-to-know. In this not-to-be-missed webinar, Robin takes you through the 20/20 change model, which is comprised of guidance based on our own vast implementation experience, along with more traditional and relevant academic teachings.

This overview is taken from content that is part of Pink’s certification course, Organizational Change Management, and is part of PDC’s designation scheme.

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