Welcome to our “in action” online education series!

Throughout 2021, Pink is presenting a series of special online educational events filled with very practical how-tos and here’s-how-to-do-it-in-the-real-world guidance.

The next in the series is IT Business Perspective in Action and will be presented on June 21-22. See details below.

IT Business Perspective in Action

June 21-22, 2021

Another world first!

Introducing a very unique educational experience not offered anywhere else.

Drawing on best practice business models like ITIL®, Lean, Organizational Change Management, and Business Relationship Management – together with our consultants’ own vast experiences – this two-day online symposium will help IT professionals grasp the full meaning of what it really takes to run a truly business-focused IT organization.

Why is this very important?

There are ever-increasing demands for value-driven IT services, and an ever-growing number of CEOs and CIOs understand the critical need and are seeking to strengthen IT/business collaboration and alignment. IT today must be multidisciplined, nimble, and – most of all – business-strategic and business-minded. A core competency for the IT “new normal” is to think and act in similar ways as other organizational functions.

IT Business Perspective in Action – a Must-Have!

IT must not only be the best at delivering business value through IT services, but also manage and lead IT with the same discipline and business acumen expected from other corporate domains. This online education symposium addresses what IT needs to be focused on to deliver strategic, tactical, and operational business value for the enterprise.

Survey Says…A Top Priority for IT Is to Strengthen IT and Business Collaboration

Research for the recently released Spring 2021 digital issue of CIO included results from a survey of more than 1,000 participants. It had some eye-opening results:

  • 96% said their role is expanding beyond traditional IT responsibilities.

  • 68% revealed they are responsible for creating new revenue-generating initiatives.

  • 40% reported they are aligning IT initiatives with business goals.

  • 35% indicated their attention is being commanded by business development.

  • 34% stated their CEO’s #2 top priority for IT is to strengthen IT and business collaboration.

  • 28% said they are developing and refining business strategy.

  • 27% revealed CEOs want IT to help them reach specific goals for corporate revenue growth.

  • 20% reported they collaborate with business departments on major customer initiatives.

Just in time to address how you can gain the capabilities required to meet these goals – our new event IT Business Perspective in Action.

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CIO/IT Practitioners Capabilities Fulfillment Matrix

Take a look at the matrix below. Shown along the top row are some of the eye-opening results from CIO’s research as mentioned above. Show down the left column are the sessions offered at this event which address the capabilities needed to fulfill the goals above and drive business value.

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Matrix diagram
Matrix diagram

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