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Interactive Training Workshops

Numerous organizations find our interactive training workshops to be extremely useful! Why? Unlike other types of learning, with these, teams have to actually apply real-world theory into action. No one can just sit around! Each workshop creates an immersive learning and team-building experience that brings relatable problems to life and hones the skills required to solve them.

DevOps In Action: The Phoenix Project

Learn what DevOps is really all about in just one day. Live it through this excellent experiential learning experience based on the popular book, The Phoenix Project.

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IT/Business Alignment In Action: Grab@Pizza

Bring to life the real meaning of IT-business alignment by running the IT department of Grab@Pizza! Your challenge: align IT practices and goals with business demands, and help to increase revenue and market share of this pizza chain.

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ITSM In Action: Apollo 13

Employ ITIL and ITSM principles to the “successful failure” story of Apollo 13. Ensure the phrase, “Houston, we have a problem,” isn’t uttered within your IT team!

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The Integrated Service Management Experience: MarsLander ®

Flex the team’s Integrated Service Management muscle to launch a rocket, and use Agile and Lean principles to land it on Mars. You get to prove that it’s not all rocket science after all!

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Agile Product Management In Action: The Challenge Of Egypt

Utilize Agile methodologies to build a pyramid and manage a Pharaoh’s changing demands. Learn the Agile way to create customer value in this excellent cross-functional team-building workshop.

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