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The world is filled with truly courageous and inspirational people who make a difference, and each year we bring you the best!

Mark Murphy
Hundred Percenters: Leadership That Inspires Greatness
Mark Murphy, Leadership I.Q.

Mark is a best-selling author and noted expert on organizational leadership and employee engagement. He has ...moreauthored and contributed to many bestselling books, including Hundred Percenters: Challenge Your Employees To Give It Their All & They'll Give You Even More; Generation Y & The New Rules Of Management; The Deadly Sins Of Employee Retention; and HARD Goals: The Secret To Getting From Where You Are To Where You Want To Be.

We’ve all heard that if you make employees happy, they’ll give you great performance. But for all the billions of dollars companies have spent trying to satisfy and engage their employees, only 35% say they’re inspired to give their best effort at work. In this session, Mark will reveal new research from more than 500,000 employees and leaders on the best leadership style for inspiring employees to passionately give 100% every day. Based on Mark’s New York Times Bestselling book Hundred Percenters, Mark will cover how to inspire employees with Challenge, Connection, HARD Goals, Accountability, and more.

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Joe McBreen
How To Create A Culture Of Trust & Engagement
Joe McBreen, CIO, St. Vrain Valley School District

Some leaders apply for the job, others become leaders by circumstance and necessity. Joe is the latter. Joe will ...more share his story of being handed an IT department plagued with multiple challenges: in-fighting between managers, extremely low morale, high turnover, evidence of sabotage, and a reputation for poor (uncaring) service and negative attitudes. He quickly recognized that the key to success lay within his team and their ability to trust each other. In this session, you’ll learn the St. Vrain formula for building trust. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how this once lethargic group transformed into a strong and trusting team, committed to service excellence.

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Ade McCormack
Big Digital Leadership
Ade McCormack, Digital Strategist, Near Futurist & Author

Ade is a former technology and Financial Times columnist, who now focuses on strategic matters related to the near future. He is a columnist for CIO and ...more a judge on the CIO 100. He has lectured on digital leadership at MIT Sloan School of Management. He is the author of a number of books including The IT Value Stack – A Boardroom Guide to IT Leadership and Beyond Nine to Five: Your Career Guide for the Digital Age.

In this keynote presentation Ade will explore digital leadership and highlight that this isn’t a role, it’s a competence; one that is increasingly regarded as a mandatory competence in this post-industrial world. It could be said that, in part, this is a transition from arrogance to confidence.

Ade also highlights his views about the drivers that lie behind this shift, and how we can harness them to achieve greater corporate and personal success. Digital leadership might be considered keeping the organization on an even keel, while harnessing advances in technology. Ade’s premise is that the real opportunities are for those bold enough to disrupt their markets, and even cannibalize their own business models. Big digital leaders are not content with maintaining the status quo.

Join Ade for this very thought provoking look at how the shift to the digital age is impacting work, workers and leadership, amongst other key elements of the organization.

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George Spalding
IT Leadership & Framework Fatigue – The Cure!
George Spalding, Executive Vice President, Pink Elephant

Business leaders continue to commit significant resources to Quality Programs such as, Total Quality ...more Management; Quality Circles; Six Sigma; Lean; Theory of Constraints, etc. Within IT specifically there continues to be major expenditures on ITIL®; ITAM; COBIT®; AGILE; DevOps; etc. There’s no dispute that each of these are great initiatives in and of themselves – on paper anyway. So, why is it that only a minority of organizations have achieved stellar results, while the majority (research shows over 70%) fail? There are even IT organizations today where the word “ITIL” is taboo – it’s a four letter word not to be uttered. But what if ITIL is not to blame? Or any other framework for that matter. What if the real issue is a lack of clear vision and courageous leadership? What if the real issue is you?

George will examine three of the major areas where IT organizations have lost focus, the key areas where leaders must be successful in order to change the behavior and culture of the organization, to earn the trust of their people, and to feel the excitement again of exceeding the business expectations and generating meaningful results! This session is not for the faint of heart – come prepared to take a long hard look into your organization’s leadership and management practices.

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Sunday Primer Workshops

Start your PinkFORUM16 experience early with one of these value-added workshops. Meet, greet, and exchange lively discussions with your fellow attendees and presenters before the formal start on Monday morning.

Jeff Gill
Five Tips For Cementing Organizational Change
Troy DuMoulin, VP, Research & Development, Pink Elephant

You’ve put your staff through certification. You’ve implemented new processes. You’ve purchased ...more and implemented new tools. BUT, you’re not seeing the results you were after. One reason could be that not enough attention has been placed on formally “cementing” or “freezing” change in your organization. Troy will explain what this means, and why all IT leaders must understand the concepts of anchoring change in order to make it stick. Based on his extensive experience, Troy will also offer five tips IT leaders can use immediately on return to work to make a difference.

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Jeff Gill
What Does A Business Relationship Manager Do Anyway?
Jack Probst, Principal Consultant, Pink Elephant

This session will provide definition to the Business Relationship Management (BRM) role and how BRM ...more tools and practices lend vital support to the business operating model.

The Business Relationship Manager is becoming a critical if not strategic role for organizations. Business leadership who have embraced the concept of the BRM have seen significant benefits to having the right person in the right place to help guide and focus discussions between service provider organizations and those that depend on them. But if an organization is just now embracing the role or the role is not what you hoped for, where can one turn for help? In this session, Jack explores a typical business operating model – how an organization goes from strategy to operations – and where and how the effective use of a BRM can lead to strong strategic, tactical and operational results.

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Jeff Gill
The Science Of Organizational Structure
N. Dean Meyer, Author, CIO Coach, & Organizational Consultant

“Look at any organization chart, and you can know who’s fighting with whom, who’s not making their objectives, and who has ulcers!” Organizational ...more structure is every bit as powerful as processes. And it’s not a matter of fads, opinions, and optimizing the careers of a few at the top. Structure is an engineering science, with solid principles and frameworks.

You can use the science of organizational structure to understand where your current organization chart is getting in people’s way, or to design a highly effective organization. In this workshop, Dean will show that science. Bring your own organization chart and in this interactive session, you’ll diagnose it, see how it’s supposed to work, understand where the problems are, and decide whether to bring “the science of structure” to the attention of your senior IT leadership team. You’ll also cover:

  • The 7 principles
  • The 5 building blocks – lines of business within IT
  • The “rainbow diagnosis” – diagnose your own organization chart
  • The teamwork meta-process required to make structure work
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Robin Hysick
DevOps – What Every IT Leader Needs To Know
Robin Hysick, Management Consultant, Pink Elephant

Robin will draw from the new DevOps certification program to profile several key competencies today’s ...more progressive IT leader needs to possess in order to promote and cement cross functional communication, synergy and integration.

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Track 1 – Pink University

Pink’s own highly acclaimed senior consultants, present value-added practical guidance about business best practices, ITSM strategic management, and IT leadership.

Jeff Gill
Adopt. Adapt. Apply!
David Ratcliffe, President, Pink Elephant

No, this is not just a cute play on words. These particular three words strung together help to convey the notion that successful business results happens when ...more there has been a “fit for purpose” approach applied to Continual Service Improvement (CSI).

The magic of successful execution of any business framework or model happens when organizations become experts at “adopting” and “adapting” best practices to solve their organization’s challenges. Whether it’s ITIL, COBIT or whatever, this means that to be a highly effective IT manager you need to understand the needs of your business first, and then what processes and guidance would be most valuable to help address those needs. When you boil it down, the challenge to IT organizations is to know the value of a particular framework, and how it can – and more importantly should – be adapted and applied to your environment. That’s when the magic happens!

David is on hand to take you through very important considerations for dealing with the realities of leveraging best practices and delivering business value. He’ll discuss the dangers of “implementing by the book”, and also highlight several important factors to consider for adopting, adapting and applying the guidance to deliver the desired business value.

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Jeff Gill
Can You Lead Without Authority?
Jack Probst, Principal Consultant, Pink Elephant

The line of responsibility and accountability in organizations is usually well defined either by policy or structurally as an organization chart. ...more Organizational leaders bring their skills and talents to bear within their functional areas or leading a project. Providing leadership within one’s line of sight is typically straightforward. The challenge comes when individuals, either due to their roles or other circumstances, must provide leadership when they don’t have direct accountability or responsibility for those they must influence. Is leadership in those cases possible?

Jack will lead an engaging session that explores the topic of Leadership Without Authority. He will cover the personal skills and talents necessary to be successful as such a leader. He will also explore other nuances of the leadership trade within an organization’s culture and politics.

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Jack Probst
The Leadership Challenges Of The Rebel Alliance
Jack Probst, Principal Consultant, Pink Elephant

The Star Wars movie franchise has been a blockbuster entertainment success over the past four decades. The Rebel Alliance continued ...more to battle back confronting the Galactic Empire time again. Their leadership – Princess Leia, Luke Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi – grew and matured as leaders in their own right. This session explores the key leadership traits of the Rebel Alliance borrowing pages from the bestselling book The Leadership Challenge.

Jack explores the five core practices of exemplary leadership through examples extracted from “The New Hope”. In this session you will get an overview of the five practices and how those practices can be brought to life in your organization. So grab your favorite beverage and join Jack in this entertaining and instructive session.

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Troy DuMoulin
Developing Lean Leadership At Every Level
Troy DuMoulin, VP, Research & Development, Pink Elephant

Establishing a Lean organization focused on creating customer value via the most effective and efficient way possible requires effective ...more leadership! However the ultimate role of a Lean Leader is not to create followers but to nurture a culture of continual improvement by nurturing leadership characteristics throughout and at every level of your organization. To accomplish this critical goal, Lean Leaders follow and commit to the Leadership Development Model described by Dr. Jeffery Liker based on decades of research with Toyota and other successful Lean case studies.

The development model itself describes four key steps:

  1. Commit to self-development
  2. Coach and develop others
  3. Support daily Kaizen
  4. Create vision and align goals

In this session, Troy will provide an overview of the key components of these four steps including; Establishing True North Principles, Cascading Vision, The Leadership Kata, Establishing a Kaizen Mindset and Structured Problem Solving. Troy will also share why Dr. Liker’s book has been chosen as the basis of the new Lean IT Leadership certification developed by the Lean IT Association.

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Troy DuMoulin
Leading Change: Kotter’s 8-Step Model
Gary Case, Principal Consultant, Pink Elephant

Every IT leader should know about Kotter’s 8-Step Model for leading and implementing change! ...more

Leading Change is recognized as one of the all-time best business books and the definitive work on the subject. Harvard Business School Professor, John P. Kotter, methodically and carefully explains his 8-step process for leading and managing major organizational change in an easy to understand fashion. Leading Change captures his wealth of knowledge and experience working with major companies all over the world. Professor Kotter takes concepts like leadership, urgency, vision, strategy, quick wins, and communication and puts them in well-explained, practical terms that anyone can follow.

If you're a manager at any level of your IT organization who is currently leading any aspect of a change (and today it’s an ongoing occurrence!), understanding Kotter’s 8-step change process is a must-know, and this is a not-to-be-missed session. Plus, learn how to apply the best practices from this book from one of the world's leading ITSM consultants – Gary Case. You'll gain huge benefits from Gary's extensive transformation experience as he walks you through several real-world examples for each of the eight steps.

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Gary Case
Driving On The IT Interstate: What Does Multi-Speed Really Mean
Facilitated By: Gary Case, Principal Consultant, Pink Elephant

Does your organization get a ticket for speeding or going too slow on the IT Interstate? One of the key decisions IT Leaders need ...more to make today is how to balance the need for flexibility to continue to pursue new opportunities, meet the continual changing business requirements and deliver customer value while continuing to run a stable IT environment.

This panel session will look at what key practices such as Lean Agile, DevOps and IT Service Management are, as well as explore the key concepts that need to be considered in order to create the proper environment including; governance, organization, culture, and architecture.

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Track 2 – Case Studies

Real-life and highly seasoned CIOs and IT leaders share their experiences, tried-and-true solutions, and ITSM successes.

Chris Flanagan
Leading A DevOps Cultural Transformation
Chris Flanagan, VP, Operations & Service Management, Prudential Financial

Many organizations are looking for ways to increase speed to value, eliminate unnecessary work and transform cultures from silo thinking to a ...more collaborative mindset. In this engaging case study session, you will hear Chris describe how Prudential is tackling this challenge head on with a holistic people, process and technology approach to success.

This is not to say that they have not had their challenges and lessons learned along the way! Chris shares their story about how an initial Bi-Model approach which looked good in theory created un-anticipated cultural, process, technology and organizational challenges within both the LOB and IT Business Units.

Chris describes how he and the senior leadership team overcame these challenges with specific structural, measurement, and visual team amplification strategies, which have resulted in noticeable success. So much so that many other business units are now applying these strategies successfully within their own environments.

Chris Flanagan: ...less
Driving IT Value – Working On The Right Priorities
Tammy Whited, Head Of Service Management, OCIO, Fermi National Accelerator Lab

Is your organization working on the right priorities? How do you know that your IT organization is providing the value that is expected? Tammy ...more shares with you how these questions have been addressed successfully at Fermilab. Tammy’s organization is in the business of science and relies on IT to provide the tools required to deliver science with Big Data, High Performance Computing, Modeling, and Engineering. Learn how Fermilab’s IT Service Management processes have been aligned with the mission, goals, and strategies of the enterprise, and the business value outcomes. Tammy’s presentation will demonstrate practical ways to ensure the right priorities are being worked on, and how to communicate these to customers and users.

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James Walker
10 Tools In My Leadership Toolbox
James Walker, Shared Portfolio Manager, NASA Shared Services Center

Highly rated breakout case study speaker at PinkFORUM15, James is back to present to a wider audience in this very revealing ...more session. James will share the latest updates about his organization’s five year strategic plan and his tenure as Deputy CIO. James will also discuss how they have maximized resource effectiveness and reduced costs across 10 NASA operation centers by applying Agile methodologies and ITSM best practices.

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James Walker

DevOps In Practice: A Leadership Case Study
J. Paul Reed, Author, DevOps in Practice

In J. Paul’s book, DevOps In Practice, he describes the journey of two organizations – from initial responses to critical, game-changing ...more events, through the trial and error of deciding how DevOps would work for them. He will highlight these case studies in his presentation offering a leadership perspective.

There is no doubt DevOps has taken the IT industry by storm in its short six years. What started out as a few "unicorn companies" claiming sometimes impossible-sounding improvements has turned into an industry-wide phenomena. Everyone loves to talk about the "DevOps posterchildren": Google, Amazon, Netflix, Etsy, and the like. But what do you do if you're not searching the web, running a public cloud, or selling hand-crafted goods? In this presentation, J. Paul Reed will also explore how leaders have facilitated extraordinary improvements in a few of the best DevOps journeys you've-never-heard-of, from companies you definitely know.

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Todd Haley
Marketing & Selling ITSM In Terms Of Business Value
Todd Haley, Vice President, Shared Infrastructure Services & Solutions, Charles Schwab

The Charles Schwab Technology Services group recognized that to stay relevant, address rapid technology change and remain ...more the provider of choice, they needed to move towards a Service Management culture. This meant presenting IT's business value terms of service, providing cost transparency, and linking investment to business outcomes.

Todd will share how Charles Schwab took a top-down strategic approach to service governance and continually marketed the IT value proposition to establish a service management marketing and sales function. This new strategic function includes the Business Relationship leader whose role is to better market their services to the business and improve Demand Management. Join Todd in this strategic session as he describes his organization’s drive toward defining end-to-end services in support of their goals to define the clear value and total cost of ownership message to the business....less

Niel Nickolaisen
Tragedy, Redemption & Tools – A Transformation Case Study
Niel Nickolaisen, CTO, OC Tanner & Author, The Agile Culture & Stand Back and Deliver

At OC Tanner, the IT team has recently faced a number of challenges – from new technological competition, low ...more credibility, a broken relationship with the rest of the organization and a non-high-performing culture. That’s a kind way of saying the culture was toxic.

Over the course of one year, Niel and his IT team turned this situation around through the use of four simple and immediately-usable tools. These tools aligned IT to the rest of the organization and to the market, significantly improved decision-making (in the midst of significant ambiguity), built a high-performing culture, and rapidly implemented service management. Niel will explain these four tools (Purpose Alignment, Business Value, Trust Ownership and Pragmatic Service Management), and will also suggest how you can apply them to fit your own transformation needs.

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Krissy Puleo
The Strategic Role Of The Service Management Office
Krissy Puleo, Managing Director, Service Management Office, Charles Schwab

Krissy will outline how Charles Schwab has established a Service Management Office (SMO) with a focus on the key business ...more value attributes of availability, security, and the timely delivery of services to the business in an ever-changing and highly regulated industry.

Krissy discusses how ITSM practices have been partially successful in the past based on grass roots and bottom-up approaches and how the senior leadership team has now kicked it up several levels to make service management a strategic initiative with top-down sponsorship and unified management support. She will share how this phase of their ITSM journey started with an assessment, a strategic planning process and the development of a strategic roadmap resulting in a 3-5 year plan that was started immediately. The first thing accomplished was the creation of a SMO focused on overall governance with the mission to drive the roadmap and instill accountability for the success of service management individually and organizationally.

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Dush Fernando
Sustainable Organizational Effectiveness Through Service Management:
Dr. Dush Fernando, Director Of Service Management, Michigan State University

Information Technology support for most higher education institutions are organized in a highly federated structure, somewhat parallel to the institutional hierarchy. This ...more presentation will focus on experiences in leading an IT service management implementation project in a higher education institution: approach, experiential learning, pit-falls and the positive outcomes.

Sustained growth requires a process of regular evaluation of strategy alignment with the business objectives. Establishing a baseline through a service portfolio will allow the IT Services organization to recognize what IT does and how business benefits from IT investments. Traditional low level governance structures established through agency representation has a poor record of influence executive decision making processes in higher education institutions in general. The CIO’s executive role has the potential to offer a new lease on life for some of these governance structures and to establish new structures that are more effective. Centralized IT organizations naturally gravitate towards functional structure to optimize on economies of scale, scope and learning with a primary objective of cost reduction. However, it requires a different line of thinking to recognize and overcome the challenges of a functional structure in the modern business environment at a time when the business of higher education is undergoing transformational change enabled by IT driven disruptive technologies (i.e. Moocs, Khan Academy).

In this presentation, Dr. Dush Fernando will explore the IT Service management implementation road map and discuss some of the experiential learning through this journey to tackle some of the challenges in higher education.

Dr. Dush Fernando: ...less
Carla Lienhard
Lean Service Management – A Grass Roots – Self-Promoting & Self-Sustaining Transformation
Carla Lienhard, Global IT Operations Service Management Quality Manager, John Deere

Leveraging best practices from Lean IT, John Deere’s Global ...moreIT Operations organization is transforming the way they do business with a Lean Service Management (LSM) foundation. In this session you will hear the amazing story of how Carla (a full-time remote employee) is leading her global IT organization through a grass roots cultural transformation by equipping one team at time. These teams then turn around and replicate the experience for others. Carla will share how this spiral approach to transformation can be both effective and self-sustaining.

While the focus is on Service Management the design and success criteria are encapsulated in a very lean foundation of core processes and powered by an automated training system. Carla will explain how the roll out of the project utilizes a coaching approach that allows the teams to be self-empowered in “how” they implement the foundation elements and how success is measured through the newly implemented “factory dashboard”. Key learning areas that will be covered in this session include:

  1. How to lead a self-promoting, self-sustaining LSM implementation and transformation
  2. Key elements of the LSM foundational processes
  3. How to scale and improve with a self-sustaining system
  4. How to measure your impact
Carla Lienhard: ...less
Julie Fillinger
Realize The Mission Value Of IT Service Management – Implementing A
Service-Centric Business Model
Julie Fillinger, CIO Business Relationship Management, IT Service Management Lead, Sandia National Laboratories...more

Sandia National Laboratories is developing one end-to-end service utilizing the entire set of their developed ITIL processes to demonstrate the value of the new business model. Over the past several years, Sandia has developed and used its ITIL processes, delivering some measurable gains for several services. By leveraging IT Service Management best practices in a more holistic view, they are working to demonstrate improvements in IT efficiencies and customer satisfaction.

This presentation will discuss the business challenges that sparked this effort, talk about the steps taken to get started, review the progress of the effort to-date, and share the results. Julie’s discussion will also include:

  1. Using Business Relationship Management and Service Level Agreements
  2. Process adoption techniques and strategies
  3. How to scale and improve with a self-sustaining system
  4. How measurements and metrics were used to drive outcomes and determine results...less
Chris Markham
Five Leadership Traits Needed To Lead Successful Digital & Cultural Transformations
Christopher R. Markham, AVP For Information Technology, CTO, SUNY Empire State College...more

In this session, Christopher will describe the transformation journeys and provide case study examples of several schools in which he personally has played a major leadership role including; Georgia Military College, The University System of Georgia, Florida State College at Jacksonville, and most recently SUNY Empire State College. Specifically, Christopher will share what he believes to be the top five leadership traits/skills needed to lead successful digital and cultural transformations.

Higher Education, like many other industry verticals, is going through a period of major change resulting from the growing use of disruptive consumer technologies, digital learning models, and the related pressures of increased market globalization.

These driving forces, as well as many others, are putting education institutions under an intense pressure to rapidly transform their business processes, culture and technology platforms to enable a dual mission of facilitating the digitally enabled teaching and learning process while also persevering and growing their market share. This level of change requires strong and very specific leadership skills to navigate what is arguably the biggest challenge that has faced universities and colleges in generations. While the examples are from higher education, Christopher’s session has universal relevance to all industry sectors.

Christopher R. Markham: ...less

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Track 3 – Thought Leadership

Business and IT industry experts present insights about IT strategic management and leadership, and the ever changing technological business landscape.

Mark Murphy
HARD Goals: The Science Of Extraordinary Achievement
Mark Murphy, Leadership I.Q.

Everyone can achieve extraordinary things. The secret is setting goals that test the very limits of your abilities. In this session, Mark explains the science ...more behind getting from where you are to where you want to be in your career, business and life. Leadership IQ studied nearly 5,000 workers from virtually every field and found that extraordinary goals – the kind that resulted in the iPod, nanotechnology and more – stimulate and engage the brain in profoundly different ways than the goals most people set. People who set HARD goals are up to 75% more fulfilled than people with easy goals. Mark will illustrate how success – and the intense satisfaction it brings – comes from knowing how to set goals that are Heartfelt, Animated, Required and Difficult.

Mark is a best-selling author and noted expert on organizational leadership and employee engagement. He has authored and contributed to many bestselling books, including Hundred Percenters: Challenge Your Employees To Give It Their All & They'll Give You Even More; Generation Y & The New Rules Of Management; The Deadly Sins Of Employee Retention; and HARD Goals: The Secret To Getting From Where You Are To Where You Want To Be.

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Jim Clemmer
Jim Clemmer, President, Clemmer Group

Jim is a Pink conference favorite and always very well received. A highly respected business and leadership expert, and celebrated author of multiple bestselling books, he is back to present his latest thoughts and findings. At PinkFORUM16, he is presenting the following three sessions:

Jim Clemmer
Lead, Follow, Or Wallow: Inspiring Personal Leadership

In today’s fast-moving world many people are overwhelmed by rapid changes and difficult problems. It’s not what happens to us ...more but what we do about it – how we respond – that makes a world of difference. It’s all about perspective or how we frame difficult situations. These mindsets and approaches are contagious. They determine the quality of our personal and professional lives and workplace health. A central theme of this session is that leadership is an action not a position.

We all need to be leaders regardless of our formal title or role. This starts with inner self leadership and moves outward to influence, guide, support, and lead others. Leadership ultimately shows itself in what we do “out there,” but it starts “in here.”

Jim’s discussion will include:

  • Leadership is an action, not a position – it’s our behavior and not our role that determines leadership
  • The PERMA Formula – applying the new research and actions from the rapidly emerging field of Positive Psychology
  • Don’t “P” yourself – avoiding the three Ps that slide into wallowing and negativity
  • Choosing our perspective – applying powerful new research on optimism and pessimism
  • Which glasses are we wearing – how to recognize when we’re leading, following, or wallowing
  • From groaning to growing – how to keep ourselves acting like leaders – and helping others lead through adversity and change...less
Jim Clemmer
8 Factors That Frustrate & Disengage Employees

Most organizations rate employee engagement as one of their top priorities. But many organizations are finding that their engagement survey ratings ...more are slipping – and not just at the frontline employee level. A growing number of people – at all levels and in all roles – are feeling trapped and stuck in their jobs. Many leaders recognize the strong and direct links between levels of employee engagement and innovation, customer satisfaction, quality, safety, productivity, revenues, and profitability. What’s not so often recognized is the strong research showing that the single biggest and best predictor of engagement, satisfaction, and commitment is how people are treated by their immediate leaders. These leadership behaviors cascade down through the organization to establish engagement levels.

Jim’s discussion will include:

  1. Pride and satisfaction – vital factors on whether people will promote or leave the organization
  2. Appreciation and recognition – feeling valued versus “an asset wrapped in skin”
  3. Challenge and meaning – moving “work” that feels like day prison from a job to a joy
  4. Above and beyond – inspiring discretionary effort and volunteerism that boosts service, quality, teamwork, and productivity
  5. Being treated fairly – the perceptions that create the reality
  6. Empowered or powerlessness – feeling “snoopervised” and micromanaged or a trusted partner
  7. Core values – are trust, teamwork, service, and other values actively lived or treated with a high “snicker factor”
  8. Growth and development – coaching, mentoring, skill development, or stretch assignments that energizes and invigorates...less
Jim Clemmer
Management Vs. Leadership: Both Wings Are Needed To Soar

Employee engagement, customer satisfaction, safety, quality, and financial performance are slipping in many organizations. That’s often ...more because organizations are over managed and under led. “People are our most important resource” has become a worn out cliché with a high “snicker factor”. Research shows that high performing teams and organizations balance the “hard” discipline of systems, processes, and technology management on a “soft” base of effective people leadership. Leading with the heart inspires higher energy and commitment to meaningful change toward more successful outcomes for everyone.

Jim’s discussion will include:

  • Managing things and leading people – understanding the differences between management and leadership and how to integrate them for greater success
  • Soft skills, hard results – emotional intelligence, engagement, perceptions, and energy are powerful catalysts propelling teams and organizations to peak performance
  • Powerful combinations – balancing management competencies like business acumen, drive for results, and problem solving with leadership competencies such as communications, teamwork/collaboration, and developing people
  • Information versus communication – management speaks to the head with information technologies and written communication. Leadership engages the heart with courageous conversations and verbal communications
  • How’s our balance – understanding the critical differences and intertwined relationship of technical, management, and leadership and assessing differences between “as is” and “should be”...less
Dean Meyer
The Lines Of Business Within IT
N. Dean Meyer, Author, CIO Coach, & Organizational Consultant

Much of service management is based on service catalogs, but it’s tough to define your catalog if you don’t know what business you’re in! ...more While we generally use the phrase “lines of business” to mean clients, IT is a business within a business and its managers are in business too. In this session, Dean presents a framework of all the lines of business that exist within IT organizations. With this map, you’ll be able to decipher your current organization chart, understand each manager’s catalog (defining individual accountabilities for each service offering), and see how to clearly map processes onto the organization. This session will also cover:

  • The business-within-a-business paradigm
  • The framework of all the lines of business within IT
  • How to build a world-class service catalog, with individual management accountabilities
  • How to overlay processes on the structure...less
Max Boedder
Two-Speed/Bi-Modal IT: How IT Leaders Use Governance & ITSM To Compete In A Digital Economy
Dr. Max Boedder, Director, IT Transformation, Cimphoni

In a digital economy, companies expect IT leaders to enable their lines of ...more businesses to compete in a digital economy with new technologies, speed to market, and agility. Cloud computing has shifted the focus from the development of technology to the application of technology. While product managers and other business leaders expect the agile delivery of systems of engagement, at the backend IT leadership needs to provide stabile and robust systems of record.

Companies solve this paradox by changing their IT operating model to what McKinsey calls “two-speed IT” and Gartner calls “bi-modal IT.” The result are two types of IT organizations in the same company: one traditional with focus on stability, efficiency and risk mitigation; and one that is agile, experimental, and risk-embracing. One organization focuses on transaction-based systems of record, whereas the other focuses on constantly evolving systems of engagement to optimize the customer experience. The glue that ties both worlds together and allows effective IT Service Management (ITSM) is IT governance.

Effective governance models need to be custom tailored to the company-specific IT operating model and mix of centralized/decentralized IT. IT leaders have a new role as they implement and enforce governance that effectively allow two-speed IT: they enable competitive strategy and contribute to their organization’s competitive advantage. In this session, Dr. Boedder will provide an introduction to the two-speed/bi-modal IT and share real-life examples that illustrate how leaders can transition to a new operating model that leverages governance for effective ITSM in a two-speed/bi-modal IT operating model.

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Max Boedder
Lean IT & Leading With Respect – How Respectful Leadership Fosters Engagement, Accountability & Performance
Mike Orzen, Lean IT Pioneer, Mike Orzen & Associates

Building a great organization requires effective leadership. ...moreIt turns out that leadership skills can be learned. A key element that is often misunderstood is what it means to lead with respect. This learning session explores why leading with respect is essential in a successful transformation (and specifically within an IT environment), what respect looks like in practice, and how it impacts your people to drive lasting change for the better.

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Matt Hooper
Creating Enterprise Agility Through Lean Service Management & DevOps
Matt Hooper, ITSM Evangelist, LANDESK

Some processes from ITIL and traditional project management served us well for many years, however ...more others like Change Management, Release Management, and Waterfall SDLC’s are simply not working at the pace IT needs to deliver. Changing key components of your ITSM strategy can remove the barriers to agility. How does Service Management remove constraints? What role does DevOps play in Service Management?

Digital transformation expert Matt Hooper, will lead this informative discussion to learn how lean Service Management practices along with DevOps cultural changes can enable Enterprise level Agility within your organization. This interactive session will challenge your current ITSM mindset and prepare you for the digital transformation that is changing the face of business.

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David Mainville
DevOps: One Company’s Journey Of Discovery
David Mainville, CEO & Co-Founder, Navvia

DevOps means different things to different people, but to Navvia it has become the rallying cry for organizational change. It ...more is the standard that leads them on a path towards “better alignment across teams”, “enhanced agility”, “higher quality” and the “elimination of waste”.

Join David on this journey of discovery as he shares:

  • Why Navvia embarked on DevOps
  • An overview of DevOps including common misconceptions
  • A case study entitled “A tale of two apps”
  • How they are implementing DevOps
  • Lessons learned

It’s an exciting journey with the destination of improved customer experience, higher rates of innovation and a faster path to business value.

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David Mainville
The End-To-End Integration Of IT Ops To Drive IT Stability
Michael W. Curran-Hays, Practice Leader, Principal, Kepner-Tregoe

As major incident and problem volumes are increasing across industries, driving IT stability and availability is ...more a critical strategic goal of many CIOs. This requires an end-to-end view of IT Operations and a seamless handover of critical information when things go wrong to resolve issues more effectively and create re-usable knowledge to drive down mean-time-to-repair and recurring incidents. An end-to-end vision includes four components: people, processes, systems and metrics and a structured approach to align those four variables.

Join Michael for a discussion on leading the approach of streamlining, aligning and integrating major incident and problem management. He will also share how to make the ROI of those efforts more visible.

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Barry Friedman
ITSM & SAM Get Hitched!
Barry Friedman, Vice President Of Vendor Alliances, Snow Software

The capacity to deliver high value from Service Management is directly linked to the quality, accuracy and timeliness ...more of the data it has. The inventory data provided by Software Asset Management (SAM) systems is exponentially more granular, specific and detailed than what has been available in the past. Previously, Service Management relied on information from hardware-centric inventory agents that were extended to recognize file names and provide a rudimentary inventory. As software licensing becomes increasingly complex by way of SaaS/Cloud and mobile licensing joining the more traditional PC/laptop and data center, Service Management’s capacity to sustain high value can only be continued through increasing integration between these two forces. In this session, Barry will share his view on this integration and will facilitate a discussion on the importance of marrying ITSM and SAM.

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Ruben Ricalde
Top 5 Tips For Solving Your Software Asset Management Challenges
Ruben Ricalde, IT Software Asset Manager, Delphi Global

Software audits are increasingly becoming a common theme in today’s IT ...more organizations. In today’s world, organizations are often in a reactive mode without having a defendable position.

During this session, Ruben will explore some key strategies and tips for you to ensure that your IT organization is in command of its software audits, while at the same time providing business value.

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Books For Breakfast

Attention Early Risers! Attend these sessions to learn about today’s most popular and highly rated business and leadership books.

Gary Case

The 4 Disciplines Of Execution
Gary Case, Principal Consultant, Pink Elephant

The 4 Disciplines of Execution, authored by Chris McChesney, Sean Covey and Jim Huling is a book every IT Leader ...more should be familiar with. The book is a bestseller because it provides focus on executing the most important strategies and also describes how to prevent getting caught up in day-to-day activities. Gary will explain that the secret to this success is by following four disciplines:

  1. Focus on the wildly important
  2. Act on lead measures
  3. Manage a compelling scorecard
  4. Create accountability

Gary will discuss each of the four disciplines and tie them back to leading and managing IT Service Management programs.

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Collective Genius: The Art & Practice Of Leading Innovation
Troy DuMoulin, VP, Research & Development, Pink Elephant

Every day IT leaders are faced with a paradox; deliver strategic objectives through innovation while at the same time providing stable and secure ...more IT Services. How do IT leaders successfully accomplish both goals? Linda Hill the faculty chair of the Leadership at Harvard Business School has written a new book called Collective Genius. In her research she highlights a mistaken, assumption: that a “good” leader in all other respects would also be an effective leader of innovation. The truth is, leading innovation takes a distinctive kind of leadership, one that unleashes and harnesses the “collective genius” of the people in the organization.

In this session, Troy will share how successful leaders of innovation don’t create a vision and try to make innovation happen themselves. Rather, they create, nurture and sustain a culture where innovation becomes a part of every day life.

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Mike Orzen

The Lean IT Field Guide – A Roadmap For Your Transformation
Mike Orzen, Lean IT Pioneer, Mike Orzen & Associates

Companies are seeking training and certification in Lean IT and that is a good thing. However, it takes much more than Lean tools and methods to create ...more and sustain a Lean IT transformation. What is missing in most approaches is a roadmap of the steps and sequences which position an IT organization to run operations, grow capabilities, and transform culture to foster deep changes in engagement, transparency, and performance. Based on the book The Lean IT Field Guide - A Roadmap For Your Transformation, the author shares with you lessons learned over 20 years on Lean IT experience.

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Fatima Cabral
What The CEO Wants You To Know
Fatima Cabral, CEO, Pink Elephant

Step into the mind of a CEO in this enlightening session to discover what every CEO wants their ...more organization to know. Fatima, Pink’s multi-award winning CEO, will describe the universal business principles that help all companies make money – as described in the best-selling book, What the CEO Wants You to Know, by Ram Charan. She will explain why every senior IT manager needs to understand the key business concepts in Charan’s book, and will also challenge you to think about your IT business planning process to assess whether it is strongly aligned with corporate goals and priorities.

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