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PinkVERIFY™ & ITIL® Software Scheme (ISS) Assessment
The IT Service Management Tool Suite Stamp Of Approval


PinkVERIFY™ is an internationally recognized IT Service Management (ITSM) tool suite assessment service. It was created in 1998 to help ITIL/ITSM practitioners identify software tools that would support their process improvement initiatives and to provide ITSM tool vendors and service providers with a process to demonstrate and certify their product’s ITIL compatibility to general platform, core and integration criteria. This certification allows vendors and service providers to hold a valid PinkVERIFY trademark licence and use the PinkVERIFY logo for marketing purposes.

With the aid of Pink Elephant’s experienced consultants, PinkVERIFY is a service that objectively assesses a software tool’s enabling applications against ITIL terminology, definitions, functionality and workflow requirements for the following 15 ITSM processes:  

Availability Management
Capacity Management
Change Management
Event Management
Financial Management
Incident Management
IT Service Continuity Management
Knowledge Management

Problem Management
Release & Deployment Management
Request Fulfillment
Service Asset & Configuration Management
Service Catalog Management
Service Level Management
Service Portfolio Management

ITIL Software Scheme (ISS)

In 2009 AXELOS established an ITIL Software Scheme (ISS) which allows IT Service Management software tool vendors to obtain endorsement through AXELOS for an ITIL-based tool. This endorsement allows vendors to hold a valid ISS trademark licence and use the process compliant ITIL ‘swirl’ logo at a bronze, silver or gold level.

The ISS assessment operates through Licensed Software Assessors, qualified industry experts who have met the criteria set by AXELOS and have been approved by AXELOS to conduct ISS tool assessments.    

Pink Elephant is certified as a Licensed Software Assessor by the AXELOS. 

PinkVERIFY 2011 / ISS Assessments

PinkVERIFY:  ITIL compatibility demonstration of PinkVERIFY 2011 process criteria for functionality, automation and supporting admin / user documentation for the PinkVERIFY logo.

ISS:  ITIL compliance demonstration of ITIL Software Scheme (ISS) process criteria for functionality, automation and supporting admin/user documentation for each criterion for the ISS Bronze, Silver, or Gold Process Compliance logo.

A software tool must achieve a 100% score for functionality and 100% score for automation and supporting admin/user documentation. In addition, for ISS Silver or Gold process compliance, 3 customer letters of reference for the processes assessed must be submitted and validated.  

ITSM software tool vendors and service providers can select to have their tools assessed for PinkVERIFY or ISS or both.  

Want To Know More?

If you’re a software vendor: 

Download Pink’s white paper that describes the service and provides information about how you can certify your tool. 

Download and complete our self-assessment questionnaires to discover how your tool matches up to ITIL. 

Read more about the ITIL Licensed Software Assessment scheme at the official ITIL website

Contact us to discuss next steps towards certifying your tool.

If you’re a practitioner looking for a tool that supports ITIL processes: 

Download our white paper to read more information about toolset compatibility considerations. 

Download our self-assessment questionnaires to compare toolsets against the minimum functional criteria. 

View the list of toolsets:

Read more about the ITIL Licensed Software Assessment scheme at the official ITIL website

Contact us if you have questions about the tool selection process.