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Compatibility vs. Compliance?

Important To Note

  1. PinkVERIFY does not measure ITIL® compliance. ITIL is not a standard, but rather a set of best practices that should be adapted to address the specific needs of an organization; therefore, PinkVERIFY assesses a tool’s compatibility with the ITIL framework. Please refer to chapter two of the itSMF’s An Introductory Overview Of ITIL for further explanation of compatibility vs. compliance.

    ‘ITIL compliant’ or ‘ITIL compliance’ are not appropriate phrases to use in conjunction with PinkVERIFY and certified software vendors are prohibited from using them in any marketing literature, as this violates the terms set out in the PinkVERIFY logo guidelines and the license agreement.

  2. Software should not necessarily be disqualified from selection if it does not bear the PinkVERIFY logo. It is possible that a tool not appearing on the PinkVERIFY list may meet your requirements. Short-listing PinkVERIFY tools simply offers some reassurance that an independent body – Pink Elephant – has already administered some diligence on your behalf.

  3. It is also important to realize that while PinkVERIFY will validate high level ITIL requirements have been met, it does not provide a maturity model as to how well the product can meet the requirements. To use an analogy, this service provides a comfort level that the car has four doors and four wheels and will get you from point A to Z. However, the practitioner still needs to examine the vendor in question and decide whether they need a compact or luxury vehicle.

    In either case, it is recommended that practitioners first examine and prioritize the ITIL processes that will produce specific goals for the organization, such as greater cost savings or operational efficiency, and then select software tools capable of supporting those goals.

Please contact Pink Elephant at 1-888-273-PINK for any questions regarding PinkVERIFY, including inquiries about logo usage and reporting misuse of the PinkVERIFY logos.