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Pink Elephant’s Consultants and Trainers are regarded as Industry Experts and "The Best In The Business".

We’re proud to boast a 95% customer satisfaction rating for our consulting and training services that have been delivered to thousands of organizations and business professionals across North America and globally.

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Course Facilitators

George Spalding, Executive Vice President

George is one of the world’s most insightful and engaging ITSM and Support experts, and also co-author of ITIL V3’s Continual Service Improvement core volume. George is an ITIL Expert, the highest level in the ITIL certification program, is a regular author of IT articles and white papers, and is a presenter at global ITSM conferences and events. George’s winning personality captivates audiences and is enthusiastic to share the must-know information wherever he speaks.

“George was great. He brought an outstanding blend of experience and expertise.”

“George Spalding certainly knows his stuff – not only regarding ITIL and ITSM, but from a technology management perspective as well. Great class!”

“His knowledge was evident. But his open, honest and realistic view of the principles of ITIL were very valuable. He prepared me well. Constantly setting the correct expectations to how I should view the subject manner.”

Troy DuMoulin, VP, Research & Development

Troy leads Pink Elephant’s research and innovation practices for North America and Asia. He’s recognized as a leading industry expert in ITIL, IT Governance and Lean IT with over 20 years’ experience in Executive IT Management consulting and training. Troy holds the ITIL Expert certification, is a founding member of the Lean IT Association (LITA), and has extensive experience leading ITSM programs with a regional and global scope.

“I feel fortunate that Troy was the instructor for this class. His practical experience provided many valuable insights.”

“Troy draws on his broad range of experiences to provide a practical approach. I use things I learned in this class on a regular basis.”

“Troy is always so knowledgeable and strategic. I learn something new every time he teaches.”

Read Troy’s Blog – which is considered one of the industry’s most popular and informative.

Jack Probst, Principal Consultant

As one of Pink’s most experienced consultants, Jack has a very diverse management, business and technical background. Those lucky enough to attend his management level courses walk away with bucket loads of extra information not included in ITIL books. Jack not only possesses very extensive ITIL knowledge, but he has also successfully led a major ITIL project when he was an AVP at a Fortune 100 company.

“I thought the instructor (Jack Probst) was an excellent instructor – one of the best I have come across. He knew his material and used his experience in the industry to help us relate. Fantastic job!”

“Jack knew his stuff COLD, and presented everything with just the right mix of facts and humor. It was a pleasure taking this fascinating course from him, and could not recommend him enough to others.”

“Jack really knew his stuff. He had a lot of material to cover and did a good job of staying on track.”

“Jack is an excellent presenter and knows his stuff inside out. He is the primary reason I attended the session.”

Gary Case, Principal Consultant

Co-author of ITIL V3’s Continual Service Improvement, Gary carries 30 years of IT experience, and specializes in providing strategic process consulting, business alignment, project management, and training to IT professionals across all industries. Gary has a passion for the industry and strives to educate IT professionals on ITSM and ITIL to better their processes.

“This was an excellent class. It more than met my expectations, and I am grateful for having been able to take it. I would jump at the chance to take other classes presented by Gary and Pink Elephant.”

“Gary was an exceptional instructor. I have rarely seen such a wonderful combination of expertise in a subject area and presentation skills. He is outstanding!”

“Gary Case's lecture style enabled me to absorb the material, and his examples facilitated better understanding. He is a very good instructor, and full of practical ideas.”

Graham Price, Principal Consultant

An experienced consultant, ITIL Expert, change facilitator and instructor Graham possesses a wealth of knowledge and experience gained in a management career spanning over 20 years.  Graham’s specialized knowledge of ITSM, his experience in implementing process improvements on a global and local level, combined with strong business acumen produce qualitative and measurable results.

“Graham was a fantastic instructor.  He obviously has a lot of experience which he was able to relate to the course content.  I would be happy to attend one of his courses again”

“Thank you Graham for the great course (ITIL V3 Foundations). I really liked your real life examples that helped to cement the ITIL concepts in my mind. You were by far one of the best instructors I've attended course with.”

“Graham was excellent and I found the educational session to be very informative. It definitely accomplished my goal of educating our CIO and my fellow Directors on some ITIL basics.”

Robin Hysick Robin Hysick, Management Consultant

With over 25 years of experience, Robin is regarded by many in the industry as a leading expert in the areas of ITSM, Organizational Change Management, IT leadership, Agile project management and DevOps. Her multi-disciplined and depth of experience in the industry, along with her expert level of knowledge in organizational change management and its effects on people, processes and technology, help her to lead successful transformation initiatives and dive deep into to the root of an issue.

“Robin was an incredible instructor! Her deep industry knowledge and passion for the subject was inspiring. She brought relevant industry examples to help us understand theoretical ideas and she ran the course with an excellent pace.”

Robin was a great instructor! She facilitated a quality program with the right level of detail and examples to allow understanding and application of the material to our company.”

“Robin had terrific examples and knew exactly when to bring in group activities that really drilled home the information that we were learning. As we went through the material she would also circle back to what we previously learned to show how it all worked together. This created a deeper level of learning.”

Beverly Parker Beverly Parker, Management Consultant

Beverly currently delivers standard and tailored consulting and educational services to Pink Elephant clients to assist them in their ITSM programs, focusing primarily on the implementation and improvement of processes aimed at delivering value to customers. She combines her passion for training with the highest regard for customer service and relationship management when engaging with Pink Elephant’s clients.

“On a 1 - 5 scale Beverly is a '10' all the way. Her command of the subject matter and her ability to 'make it real' for each of us was extremely valuable and helpful. I will end up taking another Pink Elephant course because of the amazing work Beverly did!”

“Beverly's knowledge and passion was not only presenting the required material, but to EDUCATE ITSM Practitioners and prepare them for successful organizational change. She blended multiple ITSM and OCM/Lean Frameworks to the discussions which made it easy to see how they can be used in practice. WELL DONE.”

Bob Young, Management Consultant

Bob Young brings with him extensive experience in the planning and implementation of ITIL to Fortune 100 and 500 corporations. A certified ITIL Service Manager, his background includes operations, network services, application development, marketing, service desk and project management. In the past three decades, Bob has held management positions in the telecommunications, financial services, banking, retail and insurance industries. 

“Our instructor(Bob Young) was proficient in both ITIL and the IT industry in general. We asked him many questions about how the course material would apply in our environment, and he provided clear examples and suggestions that made it practical and useful”

“Bob worked as hard as the students to ensure that they learned the material, and he had a knack for keeping the class mood upbeat and energetic.”

“Bob was polished, professional, and personable. An all-around terrific teacher.”

“Bob is awesome. He has not only the academic and test related knowledge about ITIL, he also has many years of practical working field knowledge. He used many real world examples to explain the ITIL concepts and applications. I really learned a lot from him. - Great instructor”

Graham Furnis Graham Furnis, Management Consultant

Graham Furnis is a Business Management, Service Management, and Project Management professional with 30+ years’ experience. He achieves a unique understanding and delivers exceptional results. He does this by leveraging a wealth of front line perspectives honed across a variety of industries and disciplines, including: project management, process management, process design, process implementation, organizational change, business analysis, systems analysis, object-oriented application development, relational database design and administration, operations management and staff management.

“Graham was amazing. We couldn't have had a better instructor. He was extremely knowledgeable and engaging. He went over and beyond, even sacrificing his personal time beyond training day end times, to answer any questions we may have. He's by far one of the best instructors I have ever had. I highly recommend Graham to others. He set the bar high!”

“Graham did an exceptional job. He was not only able to cover the 'how to take the exam' but also made sure there was practical discussion, relatable examples and a deep understanding of the topic. I walked away with actionable knowledge that I can apply to my role.”

Tami Church Tami Church, Management Consultant

Tami Church is a passionate consultant who conveys excellence and tailored consulting services to Pink Elephant’s clients through superb preparation and exceptional communication. Using superior process improvement and project management skills, Tami's key areas of focus is to help establish and implement management best practices and processes (particularly ITIL) within clients’ IT divisions.

“Tami was excellent. Not only did she teach the course but also added real world scenarios from her vast experience. This was a huge addition and benefit.”

"Tami Church was a great instructor. She made a 3-day online course completely engaging. She's very knowledgeable about BRM and her great personality was able to shine through even though we only heard her voice! I really appreciated that her approach to the course was on how to do BRM well.”

Jennifer Wels, Management Consultant

Jennifer’s 20+ years of ITSM and ITIL experience is very evident. She has seen it all – the good, the bad and yes – even the ugly! And, she doesn’t hesitate to share honest war stories from her case book with her course attendees. Jennifer is valued for her very powerful training skills and her engaging delivery style.

“Jennifer was SUPERB in all aspects of the class. She is definitely a very positive asset to your organization.”

“Jennifer was fantastic. Engaging, knowledgeable, available. Just a tremendous instructor. Great analogies helping to put info into real life terms. Top shelf!!!”

“Excellent instructor – Hope to have her again in another course.”

Charlie Miles Charlie Miles, Management Consultant

Charlie Miles is a Management Consultant with Pink Elephant where he delivers high quality consulting and educational services to clients across North America. With over 35+ years of experience in the IT industry, Charlie is regarded as one of the leading experts in ITSM and ITIL. He is a sought after consultant and trainer due to his expertise and proven success helping organizations with critical process related initiatives such as process design, maturity and implementation, strategic planning, operations and continual service improvement.

“Our instructor Charlie was well educated on the material and showed great practical application. He was able to highlight important points and enable us to really focus on what would be reflected in the exam.”

“The course instruction and the ability of Charlie Miles to leverage his 'real-world' consulting experience made this course one of the most enjoyable and informational as any I have ever taken.”

“Charlie was great. I would definitely take another class from him.”

Barry Brown Barry Brown, Management Consultant

Barry is a highly skilled Management Consultant specializing in ITIL and additional IT support, process and management techniques. As a member of the Institute of Service Management, Barry is capable of delivering the full range of Pink Elephant’s ITIL courses. Barry’s experience covers a wide range of industries and government organizations. Barry holds the ITIL Expert certification and offers an impressive amount of IT technical and service delivery knowledge which enhances his successful delivery of ITIL courses worldwide.

“Barry has a wealth of knowledge in ITIL and provided many real live examples during the training. He delivered it with passion and easy to follow. Best instructor that I have ever have for IT training.”

“Barry Brown is possibly one of the best instructors I have had. He is fully engaged, knows the content like the back of his hand and brings out the best in the class. And has an obvious wealth of experience and actively shares it with the class with the many use cases.”

“Not only a very good course, but Barry was an outstanding instructor. I learned important best practices that we can actually implement within our organization.”

Scott Priest Scott Priest, Management Consultant

Scott has a well-rounded career in ITIL and IT best practice expertise, backed with real world application and implementation of best practice processes in the insurance and financial industries. He has led projects to educate, design, implement, and continually improve process, governance, and IT Service Management (ITSM) frameworks.

“Scott was extremely knowledgeable. He knew more about ITIL than I would have thought anyone could. He was a living, breathing textbook.”

“The training was excellent. The instructor kept a great pace and was very attentive to questions and needs.”

“Scott is very versed in the content and comprehends the flow and purpose of the content. He had lots of real world experience blended with theoretical knowledge.”