Build A Business Case

This document follows a step-by-step approach and shows you how to communicate the benefits, including return on investment, of attending our annual international conference, now in its 17th highly successful year.

We are aware of how the current economic situation has created a challenge for those seeking approval to attend conferences and other professional development events. The good news is that Pink’s conference is centered on the very concept that external objective sources are advocating during tough times – building efficient processes based on proven frameworks.

We are confident that if you walk away with even one idea you learned at our conference, then go back to work and implement it, this would more than pay for your conference registration fee as well as all travel related costs.

And, the great news is that if you act fast, you can take advantage of extraordinary early bird discounts which further adds weight to your business case.

If you need any assistance, don’t hesitate to contact Nadine Legg (n.legg@pinkelephant.com) at 1-888-273-PINK, extension 236.

View the Building A Business Case document.