Our Value Proposition

We understand that there are several like-minded events you can attend. How do you make your decision? We believe there are several important factors that make Pink’s conference better than other industry events. We invite you to consider the factors outlined below when making your decision. We believe you’ll find our differentiators clearly evident.

Ask Other Conference Providers:   Pink Elephant:
What is the quality of your session speakers?
  • More than half of our program features sessions delivered by our expert consultants. And since our consultants have led more ITIL® implementations than any other service provider, you’ll benefit from their insights and experience
  • Several of our consultants, including Gary Case, Troy DuMoulin and Jack Probst are considered to be among the world’s foremost ITIL authorities. You can experience them all under one roof at this conference!
  • Our program includes university professors from the world's leading academic institutions
  • We take care in including case studies and sessions by ITIL practitioners from all levels of the organization. This includes junior-level, mid-level, senior-level and C-level executives. This mix provides you with a variety of view points and perspectives
How do attendees rate their conference experience?
  • We survey all conference attendees at the end of every session and the end of the event. Consistently, 90% of conference goers rate the conference as excellent
  • Additionally, 90% of conference attendees say they would recommend the event to a colleague or friend
How many years of conference experience do you have?
  • The conference is now in its 17th year. We pioneered the ITSM conference in 1997 when we recognized that IT practitioners needed a learning and knowledge-sharing forum. The rest is history
  • Our capabilities are backed by 30 years as an IT professional services firm, which includes 20 years of ITIL expertise
  • Over 300,000 IT professionals have participated in Pink’s programs – more than any other service provider
  • Our unparalleled experience is one reason why we’re able to develop the most comprehensive and content-rich program in the industry
How can you maximize my learning?
  • We offer a wide portfolio of ITIL certification courses before and after the conference. This means you can gain certification, then enhance your knowledge at the conference sessions
  • Our Exhibition Showcase features a variety of industry vendors showcasing ITIL-compatible products. If you need to do research, this is the place to do it!
How have you been involved with the industry? At Pink, we’ve contributed more to ITIL than anyone else. We are weaved very tightly into ITIL’s rich 20 year history. And, we’re proud of many firsts; here are just a few of our many, many contributions:
  • It is a recognized fact in the industry that Pink started the ITIL revolution
  • Pink developed and delivered the very first Foundation Course. It was because of us that Foundation Level certification became an industry standard
  • Pink developed and delivered the very first IT Service Manager Course
  • The Practitioner Courses (now the Intermediate Courses) were introduced into the ITIL certification scheme because of Pink’s initiative to offer courses outside of the official certification program that grouped together key interdependent processes
  • Pink introduced an ITIL tool certification program for vendors to provide practitioners with an unbiased and “official” view of ITIL
    compatible tools (PinkVERIFYTM)
  • Over the years, Pink has written and contributed to all versions of ITIL books, including the new V3 Continual Service Improvement book
  • Every year for the past 15, Pink presents the world’s largest, and best, ITIL focused conference providing the industry with a showcase for ITSM and business best practices
  • Pink works tirelessly and very aggressively behind the scenes with ITIL’s governing bodies, lobbying for changes to existing certification standards and rules. Over the years, we have been successful in affecting a great deal of industry-wide change